Colorado Deaf Man Tased and Arrested After Not Hearing Cops’ Orders Speaks Out


A Colorado deaf man who was tased and arrested after not hearing police’s orders is speaking out to Inside Edition. 

Brady Mistic (26 years old) claims he was emotionally shaken and beaten during the incident. 

The traffic stop turned physical after Mistic approached the officers in their car.

“Sit back in your car! Sit back in your car!”A bodycam video shows a female officer saying it.

“Come up on us like that! Excuse me, who do you think you are?”One male officer said it.

Mistic could not hear the officers’ commands, because he is deaf. 

“Arms behind your back right now or I’m going to tase you,””The female officer said.

“I tried to communicate that I was deaf, but with my hands behind my back I can’t communicate that. I was sitting patiently,”Inside Edition. 

Mistic was then tased, and handcuffed. 

Soon, Mystic was diagnosed as deaf. He was taken to Idaho Springs hospital, where he attempted to explain the situation with the assistance of an interpreter. 

“The light was in my face and it scared me. I couldn’t see, and I didn’t like that and I was frustrated,”Mistic.

“I understand that, but you should have stayed in your vehicle,””The female officer said.

Mistic was accused of resisting arrest and assaulting a police officer. He was held for four months. 

Expert Kandace Morris, who is deaf, says it’s important to stay calm and in your car when you’re pulled over. She also carries a special card indicating she is deaf to show cops — something Mistic says he will do from now on. 

“This should not happen,”Mistic.

The incident was reviewed by the police department, which found that the officers’ actions were appropriate. However, Mistic was not charged.

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