Colorado State Trooper Walks Away From Car Seconds Before It Is Hit by Minivan During Routine Traffic Stop


He was seconds away from disaster.

A Colorado State Trooper who pulled over a car for allegedly speeding walked away from the vehicle only seconds before it was hit by another motorist on the road. 

After obtaining the driver’s information, the trooper started to walk back to his patrol car.

Then a minivan lost control on the highway and slammed into the car that was just pulled over.

The trooper then called for backup and checked on the people in the cars. 

The people in both vehicles only sustained minor injuries, officials said, but the Colorado State Patrol is using the incident to remind drivers of the so-called “Move Over Law.”

This law requires drivers to move one lane over and slow down as they approach stationary vehicles with flashing lights. All 50 states have “Move Over” laws that require drivers to reduce their speed and switch lanes to protect service technicians, tow truck operators and emergency vehicle operators who may be on the side of the road. 

While no one was seriously injured this time, a matter of seconds proved to make all the difference in the world.