Columnist: Queen “tragically forced” to pay the piper to end Prince Andrew scandal


The Queen has made one the most difficult decisions in her 70 years of service to the throne. “favourite son”According to a royal commentator, Andrew’s involvement and Epstein’s actions have hurt her.

Prince Andrew, the Duke and Duchess of York, was stripped off all military titles, royal patronages, and was informed on Thursday that he will be facing civil proceedings in the US due to allegations of sexual abuse.

The Writing of the Express, royal commentator Carole Malone claimed the move was inevitable, because Prince Andrew’s humiliation is also the Queen’s.

Malone said: “If Andrew had even a shred of honour he’d have given his titles up voluntarily long before his mother had to take them from him. It would have made it easier for her. But Andrew isn’t made of the selfless stuff his mum is.”

Prince Andrew
Andrew’s controversy has led to the Queen being in trouble

It is no secret that Andrew’s involvement with Epstein has caused great stress for the Queen and royal family. Andrew will not be able to attend the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations this year.

The Duke of York, for his part has consistently denied all allegations of wrongdoing.

“There can be no doubt about our Queen’s devotion to duty these past seven decades,” writes Malone.

“But, for her, this casting out of her adored son would have been her most painful sacrifice yet in the name of it. Because she knows condemning Andrew to shameful oblivion will be the end of him. And no mother wants to be responsible for that.

Her burden could even be greater because, like any mother, she might feel some responsibility for the man her son has become. Now Andrew has to pay the piper ‑ and so tragically has she. And at this stage in her life she just didn’t need it.”

Prince Andrew
Prince Andrew and Virginia Roberts, 17 years old, at Ghislaine Maxiwell’s townhouse

Malone claims that Andrew was not known to be polite. He suggests that his status of Prince implies that he did a lot more wrongdoing than he should have been.

“His rudeness to Palace staff is legendary but he got away with it because of who he was. Paedophile Jeffrey Epstein befriended him because of who he was. And his rather dodgy record as trade envoy was only tolerated because of who he was. Now he’s nothing. And it was his mother who had to do that to him.”

The Queen’s top priority has been to protect the monarchy, as seen by her distancing Andrew, but Malone fears she will be tarnished by Andrew’s actions.

“A lifetime of duty, dedication and hard work and she has THIS to bear in her twilight years. It’s just not fair.”

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