‘Community’ Stars Ken Jeong And Joel McHale Are Teaming Back Up


It’s hard being a Community fan. Everyone’s anxiously hoping the prophecy of #sixseasonsandamovie will be fulfilled. While everyone waits, castmates Ken Jeong and Joel McHale are teaming up once again. Here’s what they’re up to.

There And Back Again

Community is a cult classic comedy that ran on NBC for five seasons and Yahoo! Screen for one. It helped launch Donald Glover’s career into the stratosphere, and elevated Jeong and frequent directors the Russo Brothers up a level. While the show never found a mass audience, its fans are passionate.

Reunited At Last

Jeong and McHale are still close friends. They shared a podcast The Darkest Timeline, and appear together frequently on the Masked Singer. Many of the Community cast members, with the obvious exception of Chevy Chase, are still close friends.

Fox wanted to reunite Jeong and McHale first. It had announced New Year’s Eve Toast & Roast with the duo set to host, but the show was canceled due to COVID-19. Fret not, for Jeong and McHale are reuniting for Planters.

Whose Side Are You On?

The premise of this commercial is a disagreement between Jeong and McHale over how to eat mixed nuts. McHale eats them by the handful, while Jeong eats them one at a time. 

The highlight of the ad is probably when McHale says “I mean look at that cashew, it looks like a banana in your hand.” PLanters is hoping to kickstart some buzz on social media with the #PlantersAllorOne. For the record, both methods of peanut intake are equally valid.

Less Offensive Campaign

Two years ago, Planters had a far stranger Super Bowl commercial. The Nutmobile drove off a cliff, and the mascot Mr. Peanut died to save the lives of Welsey Snipes and Matt Walsh. This felt like a fever dream at the time, and it feels like a fever dream now.

Planters had to change its ad campaign after the death of Kobe Bryant. During the big game itself, the peanut company revealed a reincarnated baby version of Mr. Peanut, presumably to get in on that sweet Mandalorian money. It looks like they’ve done away with the baby in favor of Community stars. Probably a good move.

Then there’s the looming question: will a Community movie ever be made? The cast reunited for a charitable table read and everyone sounded on board. Given the hectic schedules of everyone involved, especially Glover, it’s always felt unlikely. A movie sure would be streets ahead.

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