Company treats its workers to sunny Tenerife holiday as thanks for working in Covid


Yolk Recruitment in Cardiff, Wales, is offering all 55 members of staff a four-day break to Tenerife as thanks for working during the Covid pandemic with the firm set to splash out £100,000

A recruitment company is taking its staff members on a holiday to Tenerife to thank them for working during the Covid pandemic.

Staff members at Yolk Recruitment in Cardiff, Wales, will be taken on an all-inclusive holiday to Tenerife in April this year.

All 55 members of staff – including those who only recently joined the team – will be invited on the trip.

The four-day break is set to cost the firm more than £100,000, Wales Online reports.

“We might be one of the first Cardiff based companies for such a company-wide (not just target hitters), all expenses paid employee holiday and that’s only possible because we strive to be #Bright#Bold#Better in everything we do, internally and externally,” the firm wrote in a Facebook post announcing the holiday.

The post said that all of its staff, including new starters who were hired in January and February, would be taken on the holiday.

The team will be staying at the H10 Costa Adeje Palace hotel near Playa de las Americas.

Rooms at the hotel for the first weekend are currently retailing at around £140 a night.

Chief Commercial Officer Pavan Arora said: “2020 was a really tough time on our whole industry – we went from the jobs market being put on hold to going into overdrive.

“Our staff have been on a journey, from going to remote working to hybrid back to remote… so we just wanted to put our arms around everyone and say thank you for the last two years.

“It’s employee care and we want to make sure everyone feels appreciated for the hard work they’ve done over the past two years.”

Rebecca Bond, who has been with Yolk for four years, said: “After what can only be described as an eventful year, in which everyone at Yolk worked harder than ever, I am so pleased to say that we are off on our free holiday.

“What makes it even better, is that we are off on our holidays all together. Recruitment is well known for being a tough and competitive industry, so I can only thank Yolk Recruitment for putting an incentive together that is truly inclusive and ensures that everyone wins.”

“I don’t think anyone quite believes that instead of going to the office, we will be jetting off with 50 recruiters on a plane.

“Thank you to all of my amazing colleagues that have made this happen as a collective, and the owners for putting their people first – I can’t wait to have a drink with you by the pool to celebrate.”

Matthew Morgan, who has been at the company for three weeks, said that he was “thrilled” to find out that he would be joining the team on the holiday.

“I must admit I was a little surprised at first, thinking someone was pulling my leg having only been there a week – picking on the newbie,” he said.

“I soon found out that it was true and straight away I felt at home and valued as an employee working at Yolk. I’ve worked in a few different environments where incentives are mainly for the top performers, however being involved in a company where the culture is ‘everyone wins’ really makes it feel like a team environment, all working to achieve the same goal.

“Like many people over the last couple of years I have not been on holiday so I’m looking forward to dipping my toes in a pool with a glass/jug of sangria.”

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