Conan Chop Chop Review: A fun and challenging action fighting game for Xbox


This cartoon hack-n’-slash game, based on the Conan the Barbarian war saga, packs a serious punch.

This is not a game for kids. It’s a tough, action-packed brawler that will keep you and your three friends entertained for hours.

Your goal is to defeat the mighty ThothAmon and stop him from fully resurrecting Xaltotum.

Problem is you can’t get near the beast until you take down his four servants who act as bosses in each of the four zones of the game.

You enter a zone procedurally, which offers you a different layout and challenge each run.

So no matter how well you think you’ve memorised a level, the minute you’re killed it all gets a bit Returnal and nothing on that level looks the same again.

Each time you play the levels are generated in a randomly different design
Every time you play, the levels are randomly generated in a different way.

You’ll earn gold and steelfire by defeating enemies.

You can use your gold within the run to purchase meat for your equipment or health.

Steelfire can be carried over to the next run and used to purchase additional equipment from the blacksmith.

It’s a lovely looking, colourful top down fighting game with stick figure characters.

The speed of the game’s combat is its biggest appeal and when there’s four of you on screen battling all sorts of baddies and monsters things can get incredibly hectic.

It is easy to use in the controller. You can make fluid and quick attacks without having to press too many buttons.

The characters are cutesy while the levels look colourful
The characters are adorable and the levels are colorful.

You can use charms, hammers and bows as well as swords for your weapons.

The challenge is very tough, as the game can be extremely punishing if you make a mistake. You’ll need to learn to parry and defend with your shield as much as attack.

Death is a regular thing you’ll have to deal with in Conan Chop Chop.

After a long battle with more common enemies, boss fights can be quite intense. Gamers feel both relief and accomplishment when they face one.

The boss fights can be epic
Boss fights can be epic

Online or local co-op is the best option for enjoying the game, but you can also play it solo.

It is likely that most people will become bored quickly if they don’t have any friends to help them, in real life and virtual.

It’s a challenging but fun game.

One that rewards tactical fighting over attack-attack gameplay.

It’s not the best title for single-players, but it is a good one for casual gaming with friends.

VERDICT: 3.5/5