Conor McGregor advised to stay clear of “yes men”He resumes training


Henry Cejudo, a retired UFC fighter, has warned McGregor to stay away “yes men”The Irishman has increased his plans for a UFC return with a return of training.

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Conor McGregor has a bizarre video of his butler

Conor McGregor is warned to avoid “yes men”Henry Cejudo was a former UFC champion and returned to training.

After three losses in his last four fights, the Irish star is back in training and he hopes to make a comeback in the UFC.

McGregor’s recent fall has drawn criticism from McGregor’s staff, leading to many fans branding them. “yes men”.

Cejudo continues his tweets directed at McGregor. “Your hands are down and your distance is off. Stay away from them yes men. Just a tip from the [G.O.A.T.]”

McGregor recently posted a video on social networking showing him hitting pads with different combinations while on holiday following a leg injury.

Cejudo’s criticism was met with anger by the Irishman: “The audacity of this little fat midget novice to be holding a kick pad for Cris Cyborg. Look at the state of him omg. Fat midget novice.”

McGregor was a guest at a Bellator Event, Dublin. He defended his team of coaches, including John Kavanagh.

McGregor was the subject of a lot criticism in his latest footage, which included Jake Paul, a boxing star who claimed he could knockout McGregor within six rounds.

McGregor ignored all criticisms and posted photos of cocktails to display his wealth.

Many are concerned that McGregor won’t be able return to the top of the UFC after sustaining a broken leg against Dustin Poirier.

After claiming that he currently weighs 190lbs, the Irishman has admitted that he could fight at either 155lbs or 170lbs, his weight has become a major topic of conversation.

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McGregor could face several opponents, including Charles Oliveira (lightweight champion), who would be open for McGregor to challenge him later in the year.

John Kavanagh, the 33-year old’s coach, is thrilled for his star’s return, despite being criticised. He has also explained the star’s recent transformation.

“You know, Conor is a very hard trainer and he’s not going to go to the gym and mess around,”Kavanagh said Fox Sports. “The only thing he could go is lift weights. So guess what? He lifted all the weights.

“In terms of am I worried in a couple months time he’ll struggle with the weight? No. He’s made weight for 15 years, never missed once. For all his boxing fights, all his MMA fights, he’s never missed his weight class once.

“What he is going to come back I believe is much stronger. Any strength and conditioning coach will tell you, it’s not massively difficult to get somebody cardio fit, but it is hard to get them strong. So he’s focusing on what he can do now, which is get strong, strong, strong.

“Who is the big question. I really don’t know. I really don’t know. Whoever it will be, I’m just excited if Conor’s excited by them.”