Conor McGregor Raised Eyebrows by Strange Social Media Post


Conor McGregor was having some fun with social media recently. Recently, Conor McGregor signed for Twitter Spaces. “Gangsta’s Paradise”Coolio is a hip-hop legendAccording toSilver Screen Beats. McGregor isn’t known for his musical talents, but he did his rendition of the American top song in 1995. 

“Who was the levels and the flow l have. No one that’s who,” McGregor wrote the caption. Thirsty to Read News. “The wall of no fame ya’s can call it until I bounce in and rock it. Coolio in the gaf they call me.”  It’s not clear as to why McGregor was singing “Gangsta’s Paradise”Coolio is connected to McGregor, as he visited McGregor’s Black Forge pub while he was in Dublin. McGregor bought the bar in 2019. 

McGregor was last seen in a UFC fight on July 10, 2021 when he lost via doctor stoppage to Dustin Poirier. McGregor injured his tibia in the match. This resulted in him losing the match. McGregor has lost three out of four fights in which he was defeated by Poirier. McGregor is still capable of competing for the title, despite his losses to Poirier and Dana White, UFC president. 

“It’s gonna depend on who the champion is,”White spoke. The Underground regarding a McGregor title shot, per MMA Fighting. “The champion has some say in that, too. Who’s gonna be the champ when Conor McGregor comes back? And what do they wanna do? If you look at [Charles] Oliveira, right… if it’s still Oliveira by the time he comes back, maybe Oliveira wants Conor. Who knows? I don’t know. We’ll see what happens.”

White also discussed when McGregor might return to the octagon. “There’s a lot of variables that have to come together for him to come back and fight,”White stated. “No. 1 is health and how’s his leg. Then once that’s 100 percent then we’ll start to figure out where he goes. Because a lot of these — we have fights made all the way up to June 18 already. Once he’s 100 percent ready to go, we’ll get him figured out and we’ll see what’s what with the lightweight division and we’ll get him figured out.”

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