Conor McGregor was asked by his dad on the day of fight whether he would get a. “real job”


When the Irishman, who was trying to send a support message to Ian Garry (a newly signed UFC hopeful) when he remembered the story

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McGregor feud explains its origins in Bisping

Tony McGregor asked Conor McGregor his dad if he was going. “get a real job”During the beginning stages of his MMA career, which has made him a multimillionaire.

The Irishman was supporting UFC hopeful Ian Garry, and he shared the amusing story. He remembered that his father had advised him to stop fighting after a fight on the Irish local scene.

Garry will make UFC debut tonight at Madison Square Garden. This is the same message his mother gave him when he quit school to become a fighter.

“I was fighting in the Good Counsel GAA club in Drimnagh years and years ago,” McGregor recalled.

“And on the morning of the fight me da said to me ‘if you lose this are you going to get a real job?'”

McGregor also joked that he would now take his father off the payroll at his company McGregor Sports & Entertainment saying he would “sack him now”.

“On the morning of. I’m going to ring him and sack him now.

“Da, you’re fired. get the f*** off my yacht.”

The Irishman also noted that he has since bought the land where that old venue is based, noting he had made a deal that makes him owner of the entire area.

The land covers a good portion of the area just off Dublin’s Grand Canal, and he joked that he would let his dad keep the yacht, named the 209 after the amount McGregor would receive in dole payments when he fought on regional shows.

“Funny thing is, I bought the entire canal strip that this GAA club is located on.” McGregor continued.

“That entire canal is mine from the Marble Arch down.

“This is the strip of canal where that exact GAA club is. Davitt Road, Drimnagh. Where my father told me if I lose, get a real job.

“The whole thing was mine today. I now own the entire canal strip. Watch what I build from the Marble Arch to the bottom hahaha

“You tell you what you’re gonna do. No else can tell you nothing. Never give up!

“You’re now hired again, and you can get the yacht. I have two new ones.”

Garry’s mother told him that “being the next McGregor is not a f***ing plan” after he dropped out of university before having even trained in MMA after being inspired by his countryman.

And he recalled the message, which was written in a letter that was slid under his bedroom door, during a documentary showing his rise to the UFC after an unbeaten start in Cage Warriors.

“It’s stupid to take a year to decide what you want to do, Ian.” Garry’s mother said in the letter.

“I won’t stand for someone who is not true to themselves and chooses the easy path. Being the next Conor McGregor is not a f***ing plan!”

Garry won the Cage Warriors welterweight title earlier this year, the same promotion where McGregor made his name as a double champion before signing to the UFC.

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