Conservative Radio DJ Says She Was Fired After Tweeting About Kamala Harris’ Brown Suit


Radio personality claims she was fired after tweeting about the suit that Vice President Kamala Harris wore to the State of the Union

“I felt obligated to go public to tell people about what happened to me, because I thought it was so unfair,”Amber Athey spoke.

Harris wore a tailored brown suit to the last month’s event. Athey, a conservative commentator wasn’t a fan.

“Kamala looks like a UPS employee — what can brown do for you? Nothing good, apparently,” she tweeted.

Athey says it was just a joke, but some denounced the tweet as racist.

“The UPS slogan use to be ‘What can brown do for you?’ and it was a reference to their uniform, not their skin color,”Athey said.

“I think it would be a good idea for people to consider giving conservatives the benefit of the doubt,”The radio host continued. 

Eight days later, Athey was being bombarded by emails requesting her firing. This became more popular after she spoke out about transgender children.

“I was told in a phone call that the tweet about Kamala at the State of the Union was considered racist and that it had violated their social media policy,”Athey said.

Harris wore a suit of the same color Tuesday, when former President Barack Obama returned home to the White House after five years.