Conspiracy theorists assert that Nazis rebuilt UFOs and created super-soldiers on Mars.


YouTube has seen a wild conspiracy theory claiming Hitler created super-soldiers on Mars, after discovering an UFO in Antarctica.

According to “The Secret Space program”, a small group led by Nazis discovered an unidentified UFO and built one.

It claims that the soldiers used the device to travel to Mars and were transformed into ‘killing machine’ using advanced alien technology. This is similar to Marvel’s Winter Soldier.

YouTuber Nightmare Keys explained the theory and said: “The Secret Space Programme alleges that near the end of World War II, a splinter group of Nazis operating in Antarctica reverse-engineered alien technology and flew to Mars.

The theory is that the UFO was located in Antarctica near the end of World War II.

“After doing this, they established a secret space programme and began abducting members of the public to join the Secret Space Programme.

“Believers of the conspiracy often claim that they were taken by the Nazis from space and then brought to the Secret Space Programme.

“These people are then programmed to become basically killing machines and transformed into super soldiers so that the space Nazis can go and fight aliens on other planets.

Conspiracy theoryrs believe Nazis used alien technology to create super-soldiers.

“Their main foes include zombies, vampires, lizard people, Dragonians from the celestial systems. Basically anything Sci-Fi or fiction you can think of. This theory has it but in reality.”

But this isn’t all that strange about the Nazi party.

Legendary: “Die Glocke”The translation of a word is? “The Bell”English translation: It was described as a UFO/Time-machine hybrid Adolf Hitler invented in order to alter the course of World War II. Popular Mechanics.

Mars, red planet
According to this theory, the UFO was sent by the Nazis to Mars.

Nick Cook’s book. Hunt for Zero Point The ‘wonder weapon’ was described as an “amazing weapon”. glowing, rotating contraption”That could have been. “some kind of anti-gravitational effect.”

It suggested that the craft could also have been a “time machine”This was part of an “SS antigravity program”For the “Repulsine” flying saucer.

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