Constance Wu Feels ‘Betrayed’ by Simu Liu’s tweet jokes about ‘Shang Chi’


Constance Wu spoke about the “betrayal”After her frustration at ABC renewing Fresh Off the Boat for a sixth year, she was shocked to feel at an event in 2019. During a stop at Red Table TalkWu claimed that she tried not to weep as the event host in the future Shang-Chi & the Legend of the Ten RingsSimu Liu, a star, laughed about her tweets. Wu stated to organizers that she would not go if she made a lot of jokes.

It was the 2019 Unforgettable Gala. Character MediaThe group was formed to honor Asian American celebrities in the entertainment business. The group honored Fresh Off The BoatCast with the Lexus Legacy Award. Wu spoke.Red Table TalkJada Pinkett Smith, Willow Smith and Adrienne Banfield – Norris were her hosts. She didn’t want to go, however, she wanted to support them. Fresh Off The Boat‘s young cast.

“The World Hated Me” – Constance Wu Back from the Brink

“Crazy Rich Asians”Constance Wu, a star in the spotlight, disappeared three years ago. Now, she’s at the Red Table for an emotional conversation about the unrelenting backlash from ‘careless tweets’ that nearly cost her her career… and her life. Constance tells harrowing tales about being sexually harassed and bullied by her boss.

Published by Red Table TalkTuesday, October 4, 20,22

“They wanted me to come ’cause they wanted to celebrate the show and the kids on the show,”Wu stated in the latest episode, which was released on Facebook Watch Wednesday. E! News. “At that time, there was so much controversy around me that I was like, ‘If I go, people are just gonna want to talk about the tweets, and like, I love my kids on the show so much. I want this to be a moment for them to celebrate.’ I told them, ‘I don’t want anybody to make fun of it, ’cause I’m still in a very raw place about it. I’m not ready to be mocked for it.'”

The gala organizers “promised”Wu is not to be joked about. However, “within 10 minutes”The show’s beginning “the host”She laughed about it, and she didn’t refer to Liu by her name. “I was sitting there, alone, trying not to cry in a public setting and the whole audience was like, ‘Oh, s—,'”Wu was recalled. “They had promised they wouldn’t mock me, and they did it right off the bat. It almost felt like they were setting me up for it. And it truly felt like a betrayal from the Asian American community.”

It is not known what Liu’s joke was, as the ceremony was not broadcast. Following the event Deadline Liu reported that “took a playful jab”Wu. The joke “received a lot of raised eyebrows and ‘oooooohs’ from the audience,”The outlet reported the incident at the time. Wu reported that Liu had privately apologized for the incident. “It was a sincere apology,”She added. Liu has not commented. Wu revealed that Wu had attempted suicide in July.

Wu went on to marry her later. Instagram Story on Wednesday to correct a mistake she made in telling her story about the event. Inadvertently, she said CAPE (Coalition of Asian Pacifics in EntertainmentThe event was hosted by ), which was wrong. “I apologize to [CAPE] & regret the error,”She wrote.

Wu recently published her memoir. Making a Scene, in which she wrote about the sexual harassment she faced on the Fresh off the Boat set. She also wrote about her difficult relationships with her mother, and why she didn’t report her 22-year-old rape. Sony’s family movie stars Wu. Lyle Lyle, CrocodileAmazon Prime Video and, which open Friday, are also available. The Terminal List.

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