Controversial Jeopardy! Tournament Of Champions Winner to Return 


Jeopardy!Fans rejoice. We are months away from the most hotly anticipated Tournament of Champions in the show’s history. The lineup was officially revealed this week and it’s chock-full of memorable folks—one of whom is rather controversial among fans of the show.

The ‘Jeopardy!’ Tournament Of Champions

The Jeopardy!Tournament of Champions exists since 1985. It was founded by Jerry Frankel in 1985. He won the $100,000 grand prize. It’s run nearly every season since then, and it’s featured only the best Jeopardy!It has to offer. Its list of winners is a who’s who, including Brad Rutter, James Holzhauer, and Buzzy Cohen.

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The 39th Tournament of Champions is highly anticipated. No other tournament has ever featured so many super champions because there’s never been this many before. It would have been a priority viewing if Matt Amodio was not returning, but this tournament is different.

The names are revealed

Cohen appeared on The The latest edition Inside Jeopardy!To reveal the names of the participants in the upcoming tournament. This podcast is brand new, and will take you behind the scenes at the legendary trivia show. We knew exactly who would return, but the confirmed names are still exciting.

The real sharks are first: Amodio, my Schneider’s 40-game winner and Mattea Roach’s 23-game winning Mattea Roach all return. Eric Ahasic and Ryan Long, fan favorites, are returning. Together, they have won more Jeopardy! than anyone ever, and we can’t wait to see them duke it out in a battle of wits to determine the true super champion.

Tournament winners Jaskaran Singh and Sam Buttrey will join the following winners in the deepest field ever: Zach Newkirk, Jonathan Fisher, Brian Chang, Courtney Shah, Andrew He, Tyler Rhode, Jackie Kelly, John Focht, Margaret Shelton, Maureen O’Neill, and Christine Whelchel.

Best of Luck to One Player

There’s one name who’s also coming back: controversial six-day champion Megan Wachspress. Wachspress was notable for her relatively low winnings. With a low average game score of $10,000, she barely managed to win $60,000 and $25,000 respectively. She won most of her games by single-digit sums. Cohen even spoke out against Cohen. “What might be working against Megan is a low average score, that does not bode well when you’re working at this level.”

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Wachspress has won before and she can do it again. After the second chance tournament, there will be 21 players in the field. They will compete under a slightly different format. Roach and Schneider are byes to the semi final round. Contestants will need to win three games in the semi-finals to advance to the finals, where they’ll also play three games to determine the winner. The winner will be awarded $250,000 and bragging rights for life.

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