Convicted criminal accidentally fires gun at airport, injuring 3 people


Kenny Wells, 42 years old, is accused of shooting a gun at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, and then running. Three people were also injured in the incident and police are looking for him.

An American airport was disrupted by a convicted criminal “accidentally”Three people were injured by a gunshot fired at the terminal.

Atlanta police launched a hunt for Kenny Wells (42) who fled Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport shortly after the weapon went off.

According to officers, the gun was found in the man’s handbag and Wells fled with it.

The charges against the man include carrying a concealed firearm at a commercial airport, possession by a felon of a firearm, discharge of firearms, and reckless conduct.

According to the Atlanta Police Department Airport Precinct Command Commander Reginald L. Moorman: “We are actively pursuing this individual.”

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Yesterday at 1.30pm, the incident took place. The bag of the passenger was flagged for a “secondary search”After the airport’s x-ray screening, it was found that there was a “prohibited item”Robert Spinden, TSA’s federal security chief for Georgia, stated this during a news conference.

He explained: “During that secondary search, the passenger lunged into his property, grabbing a firearm that was located inside, which ultimately discharged.

“The passenger then ran with his firearm from the security checkpoint and escaped through an adjacent exit lane.”

He said: “We’re fortunate that when the firearm went off, nobody was seriously injured.”

The incident resulted in three people being injured, but they are not considered life-threatening.

A source told CNNTwo of the victims were taken by ambulance to the hospital. Three other victims were also transported.

Images from the airport show chaos and people running for safety. Line dividers have been removed and some passengers are lying on the ground.

Andrew Gobeil, spokesperson for the airport, stated that the discharge was accidental and the weapon’s noise caused a “sense of chaos”.

Dianne Callahan, a mother of her son, was on her way to New York with her son.

Police are continuing to investigate the case and continue searching for Wells, a convicted felon.

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