Convicted Rapist in Prison Escapes from Work Crew


After escaping from a work crew Friday, an Arkansas man is now in prison for life for rape. According to authorities.

Samuel Hartman is an inmate at East Arkansas Regional Unit, Brickys Prison. He escaped. According to The Clarion Ledger local outlet

Hartman has been in the custody of the Arkansas Division of Correction since Dec. 2, 2013. According to the outlet Hartman appealed his conviction before the Arkansas Supreme Court, but was denied.

Hartman has a rich history. “major guilty disciplinary violations” while incarcerated, including for possessing contraband, battery and sexual activity, Arkansas Department of Corrections.

Hartman escaped while on assignment with a field maintenance crew located on State Highway 79, according to the Ledger. 

The Tunica County Sheriff’s Department searched an RV park Friday night after receiving a tip that a truck driven by Hartman had been seen there, Yahoo News.  

The outlet reports that students were released on time, but schools were closed in the area and businesses were instructed to remain on high alert after the possible sighting. 

According to the Ledger, authorities believe the man escaped using the alias Samual Paul Heartman. His last known address was on Persimmon Point Road, Magazine, Arkansas.

Police are also looking for two women, Hartman’s sister Misty Hartman and his mother Linda Annette White, who investigators say may be aiding Hartman in his evading authorities.

Hartman and his relatives weren’t found in the RV park. But, reports suggest that police have evidence suggesting Hartman planned to stay there. 

Hartman’s vehicle, a white Chevy, was also spotted on Carp Drive in Tunica County, Mississippi, officials said.

The Tunica County Sheriff’s Office, DeSoto County SWAT team, and U.S. Friday night, Marshals searched the area. The Sheriff’s Office reported that they found a vehicle on Arkansas’ side of the Mississippi River. Arkansas State Police also reported that they found two abandoned jet skis at a boat ramp reported by a farmer near Mhoon Landing Park. 

Police believe Hartman used the jet skis because of their location. He could have also used a boat to escape. ABC 24.  

According to the outlet, Mississippi Bureau of Investigation is currently processing the jet skis. 

Authorities asked people to be on the lookout for any vehicle matching the description of a white 2021 Chevy Z71 Trail Boss. ABC 24 reports that the vehicle in question could be registered with Arkansas license plate 398 ZVY, or none at all. Investigators are currently looking at Mississippi and Oklahoma as well as Wyoming for Hartman links. 

Hartman, 38, stands 5 feet, 9 inches, and weighs 230 pounds. Hartman is a tattoo artist with the following tattoos: a heart and sword. “Forever & Always,”As well as the words “Sam-N-Christine,” According to authorities.

Officials said Hartman and his sister and mother should be considered dangerous and armed. Anyone with information on Hartman’s whereabouts, and anyone who believes they have seen Hartman, his mother or his sister, should call 911, authorities said.