Coolio Made a Futurama Apearance Weeks before His Death


FuturamaIs keeping CoolioKeeps the legacy of’s great grandfather alive.

The late rapper, who died on Sept. 28, will still voice the character of KwanzaaBot on an episode of Hulu’s upcoming Futurama reboot, Producer David X. CohenSubmitted Entertainment Weekly.

Coolio also made some recordings FuturamaRapping that is based on a theme, which will air in the final credits of the episode when it hits the streaming platform in 2023.

“All of us at Futurama send our sincere condolences to Coolio’s family, friends, and fans. He was one of our favorite guests, always upbeat and enthusiastic,”Cohen wrote EWIn a statement “This news was especially shocking since he looked and sounded great when we saw him in the studio just a few weeks ago, for what was an especially fun session. I thanked him for returning to do the part once again, and he said, ‘Everybody loves KwanzaaBot.’ It was an honor to have gotten the chance to work with him.”

Coolio first voiced KwanzaaBot in a December 2001 episode. This was after he had traveled the world giving out Kwanzaa literature. FuturamaTitled “A Tale of Two Santas.” KwanzaaBot appeared in the 2007 movie. Bender’s Big Score2010 and 2010. Futurama Holiday Spectacular.

FuturamaOriginal series aired on Fox seven seasons between 1999 and 2013.

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