Coolio Records New Dialogue, Music For ‘Futurama’ Revival Before death


Futurama fans will soon be able to hear Coolio featured on the show. Coolio had recorded scenes for the animated series prior to his passing. This gave show creators an opportunity to say goodbye to him. In his entire career, the rapper was in over 100 movies and TV shows as himself or in a role. David X. Cohen is series executive producer Confirmed TMZ On Sept. 29 that Coolio had recorded new dialogue and music for the upcoming reboot of Futurama.

Coolio was the robot patron saint of celebrating African-American culture in the future world. He appeared in three episodes (including the direct to DVD movie). Bender’s big score). He merged his unique personality with his musical talent, creating memorable lines such as “I’m fighting back for Kwanzaa, so the children won’t miss it. I’m confused about its meaning, but I know it when they diss it.”

Cohen told TMZ that he was shocked to learn of Coolio’s death on Sept. 28, especially since he recorded lines for their upcoming season only a few weeks ago. According to Cohen, Coolio returned to the studio to record more dialogue and a new song for the Futurama revival, originally announced as a Hulu project earlier this year. Following the 2013 finale, a new series of 20 episodes will air on the streaming platform. 

Cohen claimed that Coolio looked and sound great, and even created tracks spontaneously during the recording session. Cohen shared the following: TMZ That Futurama Coolio will rap over the credits and Coolio will dedicate his episode to him. “the best send-off we can.”He said, “Coolio was one of my favorite guests. He was always totally upbeat and genuinely enjoyed coming in to record as his character Kwanzaa-bot.” Cohen also shared that Coolio told him he had picked up a new hobby during the pandemic — sewing. The new episodes are available on FuturamaHulu is set to air the following episodes, including Coolio’s posthumous one.

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