Cops: 3 dead, 2 injured in shootout during Illegal Chicago Drag Racing:


Following a shootout, cops said that around 100 vehicles participated in an illegal street race at Chicago’s Chicago beginning Sunday. CBS News reported.

The shooting happened about 4 a.m. in Brighton Park in the Windy City’s Southwest Side, after the horde of vehicles blocked streets in order to perform illegal street racing, Chicago police Cmdr. Don Jerome stated during a press conference.

Jerome said the victims were between the ages 15 and 20. The two wounded victims are likely to survive. Jerome stated this at the conference Sunday afternoon.

“There was drifting in the middle of the street and approximately 100 cars had gained control of the intersection,”Jerome stated this during the news conference.

Commander said officers responded to calls from the area about a drag racing caravan with cars doing doughnuts and peeling rubber in the intersection. ABC News reported.

ABC News reported that officers arrived on the scene to find out that five people were shot and were taken to hospital in private cars.

He said officers at one of the police department’s Strategic Decision Support Centers were monitoring the incident via live video feed when they received a ShotSpotter gunshot detection alert of at least 13 shots at the intersection and “people hitting the ground,” ABC News reported.

Investigators at the crime scene recovered multiple bullet shell casings suggesting that more than one gunman was involved, Jerome said.

While no arrests have been made, police are still investigating the event and what occurred in order to track down the suspect or suspects, cops said.

Jerome said police are investigating if some of the people who were wounded or killed were armed and fired shots during the incident, ABC News reported.

“The decedents all had a gang affiliation.” Jerome said.

He said police are searching for “One or two” people suspected to be involved in the shooting, adding, they “are not necessarily those in the hospital,” ABC News reported.

The news about the shooting was posted to Twitter by the Chicago PD’s public information office.



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