Cops are charged after a gunshot wound inflicts eight-year-old at a Pennsylvania high school football game


Police shot an 8-year-old girl to death in a gunfight outside of a high-school football game. Cops claimed that two teens started the shootout that resulted in a stray bullet hitting the girl. They then charged them with her murder. Now, five months after Fanta Bility’s death, the charges against the teens have been dropped and the three Pennsylvania cops who were allegedly involved in the shootout have been charged instead.

According to a statement made by the Sharon Hill Police Officers Devon Smith, Sean Dolan, Brian Devaney, each of them will be facing 12 criminal charges for manslaughter, reckless endangerment and other related offenses. Delaware County District Attorney’s Office.

Although it was initially believed that the officer may have fired the bullet that killed Fanta, “we have now concluded beyond a reasonable doubt that it was, in fact, shots from the officers that struck and killed Fanta Bility and injured three others,”This is the statement.

Protest and public outcry led to the new charges.

Fanta was with her family at the high school football match on August 27, cheering for her cousin, before she was fatally shot. Daily Beast reported.

Authorities claimed that the gunfire broke out because spectators were leaving the game.

The two teens initially charged, 16-year-old Angelo Ford and 18-year-old Hasein Strand, allegedly exchanged gunfire, prompting the officers monitoring the game to return gunfire, an earlier statement from the District Attorney’s office said.

According to authorities, the officers were firing at a car that they believed was involved.

Fanta was hit in the back, and she died on the spot. Meanwhile, four other people were hurt by police fire, including Mamasa, Fanta’s 13-year-old brother, according to the Daily Beast.

The officers are now charged with involuntary and voluntary manslaughter instead of murder as there was no evidence of malice in the killings, the statement said. 

Ford faces additional charges in relation to Stand’s attempted murder. Stand has pleaded guilty to illegal possession and aggravated assault. According to authorities, Stand accepted a sentence of between 32 and 64 months imprisonment as part of his plea bargain.