Cops Arrest Middle School Student for Bringing Gun and Ammo to Campus:


Police said that a middle school student aged 13 was arrested for allegedly bringing a gun and ammunition to campus.

Northern California police responded to a call about a student who was in possession of a weapon. According to Dixon Police Department statements, the boy was unidentified because he had a semiautomatic pistol and multiple magazines of ammunition in his backpack.

The John Knight Middle School was temporarily placed under lockdown “while school district and police personnel ensured that no additional threats to student safety existed,”The statement was as follows:

According to police, the boy faces two felonies for possessing a firearm inside a school zone as well as being a minor in conceal firearm possession. The statement stated that he also faces misdemeanor charges for being a minor possessing live ammunition and carrying concealed weapons.

He is currently in custody at Solano County Juvenile Hall, police said. Authorities said that investigators are currently trying to find out where he got the pistol and ammunition.

Anyone with information is asked to call Dixon Police detectives at 707-678-7070. 



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