Cops arrest woman for allegedly tying up, choking, or slashing her date:


After cops allege that she tied up and choked a Colorado woman she met on Tinder, before ordering food from DoorDash. New York Post reported.

Lauren Marie Dooley (22 years old) was arrested last week. She faces a number of charges, including assault and kidnapping. According to an affidavit obtained from Inside Edition Digital, Dooley is also facing false imprisonment.

According to Local 12, Dooley allegedly met a man through Tinder and invited him to her Colorado Springs apartment.

She took off her clothes after the 21-year old man arrived at her home and performed oral sex. Local 12 reported.

Dooley duct-taped the man’s wrists and ankles together, and according to the affidavit “[The victim] found it odd, but consented to it.”The victim was obliged to go into the bedroom. “no longer consented to staying at the residence,”The affidavit stated.

Dooley had also produced a knife, according to the affidavit, which caused the victim to fear what would happen if he didn’t follow her demands.

According to the affidavit, she cut him with a knife and choked his throat.  

“Lauren climbed on top of him and proceeded to use the knife to cut his left shoulder. Lauren then used both her hands to apply direct pressure [the victim’s] to throat for approximately 20 seconds, making it difficult to breath [sic],”The affidavit says. “Lauren stopped, but only to procure a belt that she then placed around [the victim’s] neck. She tightened the belt for another 20 seconds, once more making it difficult to breath [sic]. When she took it off, she checked [the victim’s] neck for a pulse.”

According to the New York Post, Dooley ordered food from DoorDash. She threatened to kill her date if the driver screamed at him.

After finishing her meal, she went to bed with her boyfriend. After he had cut the tape, he ran out of the apartment and knocked on a table. This woke Dooley. The affidavit stated that he fled the apartment and was able call police.

Officers found the victim in the apartment complex parking lot naked before entering Dooley’s apartment, where “they observed a kitchen knife near the bed, several blood soaked rags and blood all over the bathtub,”According to the affidavit.

Dooley was taken into custody and charged with second degree kidnapping, assault and menacing.

According to court records obtained from Inside Edition Digital, she has only appeared in court and posted a $25,000 bond.

She will return to court next week for a hearing where she will likely be asked to plead guilty.

Inside Edition Digital was informed by a spokesperson for Tinder. “What’s been reported is terrible and is something no person should go through. We will fully cooperate with law enforcement to provide information that would be helpful to them for their investigation.”

Inside Edition Digital reached out to Dooley’s lawyer for comment, but has not received a response.


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