Cops capture armed robber who slips on ice in ‘Home Alone.


A would-be armed robber in Georgia fell flat on his face after trying to rob a store employee, inadvertently recreating a scene from the “Home Alone”Police say Christmas classic

Authorities claim Luis Sajbocho Ordonez (30) was waiting at a Gainesville store with two loaded guns. An employee stepped out, and Sajbocho Ordonez fled. According to police, Sajbocho–Ordonez demanded money from the employee and then they engaged in a brawl.

“Like a scene from Home Alone. Fortunately, no serious injuries occurred and the perp went to jail,”The Gainesville Police Department posted a photo of the suspect on its Facebook page.

Police said that the suspect fired a shot after another worker left the business. This reportedly scared him. As he tried to run away, he slipped on a patch of ice and landed on his head, according to police. Authorities said that the bullet didn’t strike anyone.

Witnesses took the two guns from him and kept him there until the officers arrived, according to the department.

According to online records from the Hall County Jail, Sajbocho Ordonez is currently held without bail on charges for armed robbery or aggravated assault. 

According to court records, his first court appearance is set for Tuesday.

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