Cops Charge 2 Men With Blinding Man with Potato Projectile


According to cops, two men were arrested in Perth, Australia for blinding an e-scooter rider by using a potato projectile. New York Post.

Two men were taken into custody last week for multiple offences, including causing grievous bodily injury, in connection to the alleged attack on May 20, according to the New York Post.

The Post reported that potatoes were allegedly thrown at people or fired from a passing vehicle on West Coast Drive.

A 28-year-old man suffered a fractured arm and facial injuries while he was riding his e-scooter in the area that morning around 9:30, when cops said he was struck by the potato, the New York Post reported. The victim needed surgery to remove his eye.

The WA Police Force posted the arrests via Twitter.

According to reports, the two suspects were seen in Perth Magistrates Court Friday. They did not plead guilty. Yahoo! News.

According to Inspector Brett Baddock, authorities believe that the “dangerous act”Yahoo! News reported that the plot was devised by the suspects, but not directed at any one person. News reported.

“It would appear those involved thought it would be fun to use potatoes as projectiles aimed at people minding their own business and enjoying our coastal strip,”Baddock claimed that according to “This so-called fun has ended in tragedy, with the victim losing one eye.”

On November 17, the two men will appear in court again. Perth News reported.

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