Cops Charge Retired Cop With Molesting Children at Daycare


Authorities say that a retired police officer who was shot by his wife last Wednesday faces more than a dozen criminal accusations alleging that he sexually abused children in his wife’s daycare center.

Shanteari Weems, her husband, shot her husband in the head at a Washington, D.C., hotel as they argued over allegations that he had sexually assaulted children she was caring for, police stated.

James Weems Jr. was charged Tuesday “sexually abusing at least three children while working at a day care facility,”Baltimore County Police reported Tuesday.

Police said that he is currently being treated in Washington, D.C., for his gunshot wound, and is awaiting extradition from Maryland.

Weems faces charges for assault, sexual abuse of minors and showing obscene material.

Shanteari Weems was arrested Thursday after a standoff with police at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel, authorities said. An officer in the hotel room told her that she had shot her husband. “F**k him, he’s a child molester,”According to authorities.

According to police, she was charged with assault with the intent to kill and assault using a dangerous weapon. Friday is her preliminary hearing.

Her lawyer Joseph Fay told the Baltimore Sun Tuesday that he and his co-counsel, Tony Garcia, are “looking forward to providing Ms. Weems with a vigorous defense.”

Garcia stated that he would like the court to take into consideration Garcia’s comments. “never harmed a person in her life,”It has “dedicated herself to other people’s children so that they can make a living.”

Garcia stated that Garcia and Garcia had met at Garcia’s hotel to discuss allegations of child abuse. The situation escalated into an argument and the woman fired her gun after her husband stood up  and started to “go towards”She said so, the attorney.

“I think that this woman here was torn apart by guilt — that this was her very own husband — and by fear, when he attacked her,” Garcia said. “She’s just in this swamp of fear and guilt at this moment. It was very clear that she did not want him to molest another child. Not on her watch.”

According to authorities, her husband was fired from the Baltimore Police Department in 2005. 

Baltimore County Police stated that detectives have begun investigating James Weems “earlier this month”After receiving reports of allegations of sexual abuse. Authorities stated that the Lil Kidz Kastle had been closed while they investigate.


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