Cops Claim They Have Left the Scene of Active Burglary after Homeowner Claims to Be Home


Police from California had reportedly fled the scene of an active crime in California after the homeowner claimed he was at home. KTLA reported.

San Mateo Police Department was alerted to a house alarm at 9:15 Saturday. However, officers arrived at the scene and saw movement inside. They then contacted the homeowner via telephone. KTLA reported.

According to KTLA, the homeowner claimed that they were at home despite all the evidence. The police then left the scene.

But, shortly after leaving the house, police discovered that the house had been robbed. They returned to the scene but the suspects were already gone. KRON reported.

KRON reported that after being notified about the robbery, the homeowner told police they didn’t believe the cops called them.

After the cops learned that the homeowner didn’t think it was them, they posted on Twitter to say not question why they are calling with an incident report attached.

“It is unfortunate we were unable to locate this bad guy, but we ask for anyone in the area of Lakewood Circle who may have seen anything suspicious or a dark colored vehicle driving slowly in the area around 9-9:30pm last night to contact us,”San Mateo Police Department released a statement.

They also offered tips to the cops about their whereabouts. WebsiteThe community can be contacted for information on how to deter burglars.

“Please always keep doors and windows locked, and if your home is alarmed, please make sure to answer the phone is your alarm company is calling to confirm your presence. Installation of a security camera system is also helpful and can be registered with us,”They wrote.


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