Cops Find Remains of 9-Year Old Children in Houston Apartment


A Texas apartment block contained the remains of a nine-year-old boy who, according to cops, may have been dead for over a year. ABC 6 reported. According to police, the apartment had been abandoned by three of the children’s siblings. 

The tip came to cops in Houston when of the deceased’s siblings, a 15-year-old, called the Harris County Sheriff’s Office on Sunday and told authorities that his brother had been dead for a year and the body was inside the apartment, cops said according to ABC 6.

“I had never heard of a scenario like this. It really caught me by surprise,”Ed Gonzalez, Harris County Sheriff said this Sunday at a news conference. “I have been in this business a long time, and never saw anything like this.”

The sheriff confirmed. “It seems that they were in there while the body was deteriorating.”

The sheriff’s office says the children are 15, 10 and 7 years old and are siblings. The 15-year-old called authorities, saying that the adults had not lived in the apartment for several months, police said according to East Idaho News.

Gonzalez stated that it seemed like the oldest child was taking care of his younger siblings. “they were basically fending for each other”We were living in “pretty deplorable conditions.”

The 10 and 7-year-old children appeared malnourished and showed signs of physical injury, the sheriff’s office said. East Idaho News reported that all three children were taken to hospital for treatment.

The children are now in the county’s custody and the cause of the child’s death is under investigation.

According to the sheriff’s Office, the mother of her children and her boyfriend were both found Sunday night by police and are currently being interviewed. KTRK reported.