Cops Killed a College Student Living Off-The-Grid in Forest:


The investigation of a Florida college student’s fatal shooting in Alabama’s Talladega National Forest during an attempted armed robbery led authorities to an “off-the-grid”They were confronted by a five-year-old boy with a loaded gun, officials stated. 

According to a report, Adam Simjee (22-year-old University of Central Florida student) died from his injuries following several gunshot wounds in the torso. statement by the Clay County Sheriff’s Office

His longtime girlfriend, Mikayla Paulus (20), who is also a student of the University of Central Florida was performing CPR on Simjee at the time that authorities arrived.

“He had his whole life ahead of him with Mikayla,”Loved one said on a GoFundMe campaign was created Spend money on funeral expenses 

Two women believed to have lived in tents in the area were arrested and charged with murdering the victim. The child of one of these women is currently in the care of social services. The Gasden Times reported

Authorities said that the unexpected discovery by law enforcement of the encampment occurred after Simjee & Mikayla decided to make a last-minute hike in Talladega National forest Sunday. Paulus said al.comThey enjoyed travel together and wanted to celebrate their summer vacation with a trip into the national forest.  

Authorities said that they were stopped by a woman who claimed she needed assistance to start her car. 

“Adam being the person he is, stopped to help them,”A friend wrote. “He and Mikayla tried to help the woman and even reached out to family for tips to help get the car started. When nothing else could be done, they offered to get help from the ranger station.”

That’s when the woman, who police identified as Yasmine Hider, allegedly threatened them with a gun, and asked for their banking information, according to the GoFundMe. According to authorities, Hider held Simjee & Paulus hostage and told them to enter the woods. 

Authorities said that Simjee was also carrying a concealed weapon. They exchanged gunfire with Hider. Simjee was also fatally injured after Hider was repeatedly struck. According to the statement, he was killed on the spot.

Paulus later stated in a post on Facebook that Simjee “made sure I knew I would be safe when I was with him.” 

Paulus stated that after the gunfire broke out, she saw another woman, later identified by Krystal Pinkins (36), run away. reports that authorities went back to the scene to look for Pinkins a few days later. They located her at a distance of about a half mile from the site where the shootout took place.

Pinkins was standing in front of large tents that were set up in the forest. Sheriff Jim Studdard described it to “base camp,”When authorities told her to get down. 

A 5-year-old boy emerged from the woods carrying a loaded shotgun. He refused to take it down when authorities told him to. According to, the child ran towards his mother, where he finally dropped the gun. 

Pinkins was charged with murder, kidnapping, and robbery. The Gadsen Times reported that she is being held at Clay County Detention Center.

Hider remains in the hospital under observation of the sheriff’s department, and warrants have been obtained charging her with one count of murder, two counts of kidnapping and two counts of robbery, according to the Gadsen Times.

District Judge David Law issued a gag order Wednesday, which prohibits any person, including witnesses and lawyers, from discussing the case with media.