Cops say 3 Men are Charged with Scamming an Older Woman for $118,000


According to Georgia police, three men were charged with stealing $118,000 from an elderly woman’s life savings.

Robert John Criswell, Kyle Dewayne Dover and Hunter Chase Hammitt (both 39) met the woman, aged 90, while working for a local tree business. However, they were not employed by the company at the time they are accused of the crimes, police stated.

Between the months of December to April, investigators allege there were 33 checks written to the three men for various amounts of money.

Although some tree work was done, it was not enough to make the shutters hang. “hanging crooked by one screw,” the Floyd County Police Department wrote in a statement.

The three men were arrested on Aug. 10 after an investigator followed up on a tip about the alleged scam, according to the statement. Police believe that the men have been living in a remote camp area about 10 minutes away from the 90-year-old woman, which was where they were also arrested.

Criswell and Dover have been charged with exploitation of the elderly and theft by deception, police said. Dover is being held on a $15,000 bond and Criswell was released on Aug. 12 on a $15,000 bond, police told Inside Edition Digital.

Hammitt has been charged with exploitation of the elderly, theft by deception and probation violation and is being held without bond, officials said.

Floyd police said that scams of this sort are not uncommon because “the elderly are sometimes embarrassed by the spending, or they are intimidated by the persistent and aggressive sales technique of scammers.”

The department advised people to make sure they were not being exploited by their elder relatives.