Cops Say: Serial killer behind recent attacks against homeless people in DC/NYC


New York City Police and Washington, D.C. Police are investigating the case of a serial killer who targets homeless people.

At least five people were attacked and two of them were killed.

The attacker shot three people in D.C., one of them fatally, over six days. Police released video showing a suspect walking down the street, while he seems to be eating. 

The alleged killer then traveled 200 miles to New York City where he killed two homeless men. One victim was killed.

One video shows the suspect pushing one of his victims with one foot, before he starts firing.

Both mayors issued an extraordinary joint statement declaring that they would be partnering in the creation of an international city. “We now have a cold-blooded killer on the loose.”

“Unless he’s caught, I would say there is an extremely high likelihood he will kill again and kill again soon,” criminologist Scott Bonn said.

A second intensive manhunt is ongoing for the suspect in the stabbing of two Museum of Modern Art staff members in New York City.

According to reports, the suspect lost his membership when he was turned aside because of previous incidents of disorderly behavior. 

Surveillance footage shows the knifeman jumping over the counter and stabbing 2 staff members. The museum was evacuated and the two victims were taken to hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. 

Gary Cabana (60-year-old) is the suspect. He is still at large. According to reports, he sent a text message to a New York Post reporter in which he blamed the victims.