Cops share photo of ‘Lisa” tattoo on Homicide Victim’s Arm after Loved Ones identify Body Found in State Park


Authorities shared a photo of a visible tattoo that was on the victim of the fatal stabbing and it was identified as Neshaminy State park in Pennsylvania.

Lisa Jennings, 50, of Philadelphia died of multiple stab and slash wounds to the neck, and her death was ruled a homicide, Bucks County Coroner’s Office said Monday.

“My heart is broken. She didn’t deserve this at all. If anyone have any info please, please help,”Facebook was used to share a message from a friend.

After she uploaded a photo of a first-name tattoo, authorities were able to confirm her identity. “Lisa,”It is located on the upper right side.

“I asked her, why are you getting that tattoo? What do you need a tattoo for? I guess at the time, it was probably just something to do,”Guy Jenings, her brother, told CBS Philly. “Whoever knew it would come to something like this?”

A passerby called police Saturday morning to report the body. But State Police are “still trying to determine the specifics of how long she was there for,”CBS Philly reported.

According to Bucks County authorities, Jennings might have been killed elsewhere before her body was moved in an attempt to conceal it. Philadelphia Inquirer.

Anyone with additional information about Jennings’ death should contact authorities at 215-942-3900.