Cops Turn Driver into Group Fundraising for Victims Of House Fire: Driver


Pennsylvania residents gathered together to raise funds for victims of a devastating wildfire. However, police say that a driver crashed into them, killing one.

Ten people died in a fire that ripped through Berwick’s home. This was just the beginning of the disaster. 

A group of 70 Samaritans assembled in a restaurant parking lot when a man drove into the crowd. Roseanne Tortorella was among 17 injured. One woman was also killed. 

“I felt the impact of the side of a car hit me and throw me, and I got thrown into the bars,” Tortorella said.

“Our hearts and prayers go out to those injured this evening. Certainly it was an event for a noble cause,”A spokesperson for the police said.

Sura Reyes was the suspected driver. According to police, Sura Reyes drove home and ran over his mother with his car. He then allegedly beat his mother to death using a hammer.

Reyes claimed to have told police that he went on his rampage due to being tired. “tired of fighting with his mother.”

The mourning continued Monday as 6-year-old Aiden Daubert, one of the fire victims, was buried.

“There were so many people impacted by the accident, on top of all of the lives lost in the fire, the community is reeling,” Aiden’s cousin, Kasara Weinrich, said.

Two counts of criminal murder have been filed against the suspect.