Coronation Street fans are worried that Kevin will be sent to prison for the shocking Imran death twist


Wednesday’s Coronation Street episode saw Imran Habeeb, a lawyer, die in a car accident with Toyah. However, it is not clear how or if anyone was to blame.

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Corrie: Kevin tells Abi and Kevin by the police that Imran has been killed

Coronation Street viewers were left in panic after watching Wednesday’s episode.

Imran Habeeb, his wife Toyah and he were involved in a car accident that resulted in him dying.

After Imran persuaded Toyah to not tell the authorities about Abi’s plans to flee the country along with baby Alfie, the newlyweds drove home from the station.

The couple were trapped under scaffolding when the tragic accident happened.

Imran managed escape from the vehicle and tore Toyah to safety, while he waited to be taken to an ambulance.

Imran, a paramedic, insisted that Toyah be loaded into an ambulance. However, he collapsed when attempting to get into the vehicle.

Paramedics attempted to revive Imran for about 15 minutes. However, it was later confirmed that Imran had died.

Toyah was immediately questioned by police about the accident. She claimed that she didn’t remember what had happened.

Leanne Battersby, her cousin was present and suggested that Kevin might be to blame. He had earlier offered to fix Toyah’s vehicle that day.

Kevin was seen assuring Abi, that he had only tried to tamper With Toyah’s ignition so that baby Alfie couldn’t go out for the day.

The police arrived at Kevin’s immediately and informed Abi and Imran that Imran had been killed. They also asked them to visit the station to answer any questions.

Corrie fans began to believe the worst, and they took to Twitter to share their thoughts.

“Oh no…. Kevin is going to be blamed for this, but I don’t think that he had anything to do with this #Corrie,”One person said it.

Another tweet: “Oh dear Kevin in trouble #Corrie,”While a third said he would do a, “long stretch”.

Someone else posted: “I’m annoyed we never got to see the actual crash. We won’t know if it’s toyahs fault or a fault with the car.. the blame will go on Kevin #Corrie.”

A second: “Kevin’s going dowwwwnnnnnnn! #corrie.”

Others believe that Toyah caused the crash, and did it intentionally.

“Either Toyah was angry with Imran and crashed the car on purpose, or somebody other than Kevin messed with the car. #Corrie,”One person has tweeted.

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