Coronation Street fans notice Tracy’s mistake as she “forgets” Charlie Stubbs murder


Coronation Street fans were baffled when they discovered a serious error regarding Tracy Barlow.

Tracy, Steve, and Amy went to the Bistro on Friday (March 18), for a surprise meeting to meet with Amy’s boyfriend Jacob Hay. Things got worse.

Tracy was critical of Jacob’s drug dealing, but Steve encouraged them both to accept him as Amy’s partner. “bored”Of “rebelling”Dump him.

Leanne was furious that the Barlows had invited someone who had destroyed her life to the Bistro.

However, fans back home saw something more urgent – Tracy seemed to have conveniently forgotten what happened in her past and was railing at Amy about the fact that people can’t be changed.

Kate Ford
Tracy appeared to have conveniently forgotten about her own crimes

Tracy was sentenced to a long time in prison after she killed Charlie Stubbs as retribution for her affairs with Maria Connor and Shelley Unwin.

Tracy hit Charlie on the head with a heavy metal sculpture in 2007 and killed him.

Tracy even tried to blackmail Roy by pretending that he was sleeping with him, and that he was pregnant with his child – even offering to sell the baby for the Croppers.

One fan shared this Tweet: “I mean, Tracy should be humbled by the fact Jacob’s prepared to have lunch with a murderous baby-seller and the original pre Tinder swindler!”

Corrie's Amy and Jacob
Tracy was furious that Amy and Jacob were together

“Has Tracy forgotten she killed Charlie Stubbs?” someone else questioned.

Another fan also pointed out this: “Wow Steve being reasonable like wtf and Tracy you have room to talk when you murdered someone…”

A fourth user of social media wrote: “Tracy the murderer having lunch with Jacob the drug dealer. They have so much in common!”

Later in the episode things escalated for Amy & Jacob. Simon Barlow was seen taunting Jacob on the street in full view.

Corrie's Amy and Jacob
The couple shared their love publicly

Steve was able to hear Jacob punch Simon in the face and convince him that he was just up to his usual tricks.

Amy was a little hesitant to tell Jacob what Simon had said to him. “Was it about me?”

Later, she shared her feelings with her parents: “What Simon said was disgusting… he called me a slag. My own cousin!”

Tracy and Steve however didn’t believe Jacob one second. “Simon wouldn’t say something like that. He’s family.”

Coronation Street is available Monday through Friday at 8pm on ITV.

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