Coronation Street Spoilers: Emma is Left Heartbroken As Curtis’ Health Deteriorates Further


Emma Brooker, Coronation Street’s star, is in for heartbreak because she can’t help Curtis Delamere’s health battle next week.

Curtis (Sam Retford) has previously admitted that he has a severe heart condition. However, he doesn’t know much about the disease.

Coronation Street spoilers next week reveal that his health has deteriorated further. Emma (Alexandra Mardell) attempts to help him but is stopped in her tracks.

Emma is left feeling elated after the terrible events that occurred in Weatherfield this week. She marvels at her man’s quick response to everyone, even though he knew exactly what to do.

Curtis is still dealing with his mystery health problems
Curtis continues to struggle with mysterious health issues

Curtis takes the compliments well.

Emma’s admiration quickly turns to concern when Curtis informs Emma that he will be working a second shift at the hospital in the evening.

She worries Curtis may be taking on too much.

Curtis runs his hands through Curtis’ hair later in the week while at the salon flat. A clump comes out.

Emma asks dad Steve for the money from Oliver's fund but he refuses
Emma asks Steve for the money from Oliver’s fund, but he refuses

Emma is heartbroken when he tells Emma that it’s a side effect of his illness.

She confides her worries about Curtis to her father, Steve McDonald (Simon Gregson). He asks if she would lend the money from Oliver’s fund to enable Curtis to see a private specialist.

Steve rejects her, and her hopes for help are crushed.

Curtis reveals that his hair has started falling out due to his illness
Curtis says that his hair is falling out because of his illness

He gently reminds her that he can’t give her Oliver’s funds for Curtis because people had donated their money in good faith – and it would be illegal.

Poor Emma is left deflated.

Curtis, will Curtis ever be able to get the help that he needs? The Oder, could Emma be headed for even greater heartbreak?

During their first relationship, Curtis tried to conceal his health problems from Emma, but she broke up with him.

He was quick to admit it and told Steve how serious it was.

Curtis stated: “In layman’s terms, I was dead. I’d love to say there was a bright white light with heavenly choirs but nothing. I don’t recall anything at all until the medics brought me back round.”

Steve tried to get Curtis to open his heart to Emma, but he eventually refused.

Coronation Street is shown Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays on ITV at 7.30 pm and 8.30 pm.

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