Coronation Street viewers left puzzled when a character’s hand vanishes in the middle of a scene


Corrie viewers with keen eyes spotted the strange moment Emma Brooker’s hands appeared to disappear on screen

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Corrie: Emma’s hand seems to disappear during scene

After spotting an ad, Coronation Street viewers took it to Twitter this week. “glitch in the matrix”During a scene.

One character’s hand appeared completely to disappear. Viewers noticed the moment and were left baffled.

Emma Brooker was the one who lost her hand as she reached out for a book and then suddenly disappeared while speaking with Tyrone Dobbs.

She said she was helping Curtis her boyfriend with his medical studies and that she wanted to expand her knowledge, so she borrowed books from a neighbor.

As she was giving a definition for a term, she reached out to touch it. Her hand started to disappear slowly and she didn’t know.

It didn’t actually disappear in real-life, but fans quickly noticed it mid-scene and compared it with Harry Potter.

This appeared to be an editing mistake, possibly the CGI was not working.

To avoid contact with cast members, characters have been trying to avoid props or using their own when the coronavirus pandemic hit.

Although it is not obvious why this scene was edited, Emma may have touched the book accidentally.

Fans took to Twitter to ask if anyone else noticed the gaffe. They joked that the soap had gone all out. “matrix”.

One viewer wrote: “Was there a glitch in the matrix #Corrie? Where does Emma’s hand go?”

The second echos this saying: “What happened to Emma’s hand? Is she auditioning for Harry Potter?”

Another fan commented: “Think ITV messed up here and watch her hand disappear into the background in Coronation Street.”

There were many comments, and a fourth viewer tweeted: “WOOOAHH What happened to Emma’s hand in the Rovers Return?! When she was reading that book her hand disappeared!”

A fifth viewer stated that Emma’s hand was simply gone. “into the CGI/ green screen depths of @itvcorrie.”

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