Coronation Street’s Daniel is ‘in danger’ while Coronation Street fans ‘work out the devastating Lydia murder twist


Coronation Street fans think Lydia Chambers might become violent after Daniel Osbourne abruptly ended their relationship Wednesday night.

Lydia felt certain that something was amiss when she entered to see Daisy Midgeley uncomfortably in Daniel’s flat.

Daniel confessed to Daisy that he still loved Daisy after Daisy left and gave Lydia the elbow.

However, Lydia didn’t stay out with her teacher very long. Many viewers were led to believe she was doing something sinister.

Fans took to Twitter to share their opinions on what could be next.

One viewer penned: “And now we have the latest soap serial killer #lydia.”

Another thought: “I think Lydia is about to stick a pin in the voodoo doll….”

The third author wrote: “Lydia what a bunny boiler going on like they were going out for ages.”

“Daniel saying that he still has feelings for Daisy – is Lydia going to turn psycho?!”Another fan was also questioned.

Lydia went on to drown her sorrows later in the program, not accepting the news of the split-up well.

Adam Barlow was drunk while walking on the cobbles and saw the fiery brunette. He offered to help her hail a taxi.

Lydia was not happy and blamed Adam’s breakup for her infidelity.

Fans believed Lydia’s outburst would lead to Adam’s stalker behavior.

Retweeting their opinions on Twitter, they were shared by fans.

One viewer questioned: “Given Lydia obviously currently blames Adam for her recent breakup with Daniel could she also be his upcoming stalker? Too predictable maybe?”

Another wrote: “Lydia you’re dumped – now you’re free to go stalk Adam.”

Lydia was certain that Adam knew her before she first appeared on the street with her son when she first saw Lydia.

Adam initially denied that he had ever been to Lydia, but he later admitted to Sarah that he did. However, it was a brief relationship.

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