Coronation Street’s first glimpse at a huge explosion and at least one confirmed death


Coronation Street released shocking first-look photos of a large explosion that will rock the cobbles.

As Super Soap Week hits TV screens next week viewers can expect an extraordinary array of stunts and spectacles as Debbie Webster prepares her Halloween House of Horrors.

Abi Franklin, a drug lord, escapes from a van in prison on its way to the hospital to exact revenge against Corey.

Johnny and Jenny Connor are tumbling down the Platts sinkhole, fighting for their lives – as well as their marriage.

Alahans’ world is rocked by a ‘huge’ blast

Dev, Aadi, and Asha Alahan are on a family road trip when Harvey’s van from prison collides with their car. Dev is left scrambling to choose which of his children to save.

He decides to go with an unconscious Asha and leaves Aadi in his car.

The vehicle quickly burst into flames and first-look photos reveal the extent of the damage.

Dev is thrown back by the blast

Dev can be seen in shadow being thrown back by the force of the explosion. The mushroom cloud is formed when flames explode from the mushroom cloud.

Asha is a good distance from the car at the time of the explosion, but Aadi is not there.

Silver Screen Beat interviewed Asha star Tanisha GOREY about filming the explosion scene. “Because of the country road, everyone had to sneak into the woods so you couldn’t be seen on camera, but the explosion was insane.

At least one character will be killed

“It was so loud. I just didn’t expect anything like that – I’ve obviously never seen anything like that in real life before.”

She continued: “It was 100 percent like a movie set. There were just so many new things – a drone camera, all these cool gadgets, and a little fake moon up in the sky.

“I felt like a celebrity, I’ll admit.”

While Adam Hussain, who plays Aadi, added: “The car crash was so severe that the car’s back just went flying off.”

But will Aadi make it out alive?

One thing’s for certain – at least one character won’t, as Corrie boss Iain MacLeod said: “There are many twists and turns in this soap. It’s got some stuff in there which I think you’ll never see coming – which is, for my money, always the best thing in a soap or in any drama.

“Stuff that makes you go, ‘What have they just done?’ – and there’s lots of that in there.”

Coronation Street is shown on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays on ITV.

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