Coronation Street’s Georgia Taylor & Will Mellor Address Grumpy Fan Who Complained About Social Distancing Rules


Coronation Street’s Georgia Taylor and Will Mellor were forced to address a disgruntled fan who complained about the social distancing rules taking place on set.

The Weatherfield stars, who play Toyah Battersby and Harvey Gaskell in the long-running soap, defended its strict social distancing orders which help prevent the spread of coronavirus amongst the actors and production.

A debate over the rules started on Twitter underneath a photo of Harvey, which showed him during visiting hours at the jail where he’s currently incarcerated for dealing drugs.

In the snap, Harvey sat approximately 2 meters away from his visitor, but fans didn’t really like what they saw and commented on the evident space between the characters. One fan moaned: “And still 2 meters apart! It’s killing the show.”

Meanwhile, another said: “Soaps seems to be one of the few places with Covid restrictions.”

But actor Will picked up on one of the fan’s comments and shared his opinion regarding matters.

Jumping to the program’s defense, the actor said: “Don’t worry! We are not 2 meters apart when Harvey gets out!!! Trust me.” But the fan still wasn’t satisfied with Will’s response and wrote: “Yeah but as I said it’s like flu for most, the soaps are been a bunch of bed wetters.”

Corrie actress Georgia witnessed the conversation was getting rather heated and decided to also add her take on the situation. The actress explained: “Actor has covid. Isolates for 10 days.

“Every single crew and cast member they have been working with (prior to latest regs) has to isolate.

“Corrie has to halt production. That (and to protect people) is why we’ve had to adhere to these rules. To keep the show on air x.” But Georgia’s comments still didn’t seem to simmer the fan down who complained that the evident distancing was “ruining” the show. Taking to Twitter again, she replied: “If it’s ruining it for you then don’t watch for now.

“We will be back to normal in the future. I’m not getting into an argument with you.” Georgia concluded: “I’m just trying to explain why things have been the way they’ve been. We film many weeks in advance of transmission which also impacts things.”

In order to film programs safely during the coronavirus pandemic, all soaps had to abide by the new health and safety regulations over the past year and change the way they shoot scenes.

Scenes that involved kissing or fighting have had to be reworked to incorporate social distancing rules, which often proved to be a headache for writers, crew and all staff involved.

Recently, Corrie hit headlines over the alarming rise of Covid cases that have taken place on the ITV soap.

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