Corrie viewers puzzled by Alfie’s naming ceremony


Coronation Street viewers have concerns about Alfie. “life mentors”Because of their tempestuous pasts, they considered them unfit for the job.

Since Abi Webster gave birth to her son in March, Imran Habeeb’s son has been at the center of controversy.

Imran and Abi have been at odds since then over who should be Alfie’s full-time legal guardian.

However, Imran and Toyah now have the law in their favor as Incriminating Photos emerged that didn’t help Abi.

However, viewers were not impressed to see that Kelly Neelan was named Alfie’s name during the Toyah-organized naming ceremony. “life mentors”.

Fans were baffled by Alfie's 'life mentors'
Alfie’s life mentors’ left fans baffled.

Fans took to Twitter to express their dismay at the decision due to Kelly’s and Leanne’s turbulent history.

One person penned: “Kelly and Leanne as life mentors …. Ffs you might as well just give him back to Abbie.”

Another fumed: “Christ on a bike. Leanne (a former escort) and Kelly (who was part of the gang that murdered his older brother) as ‘LIFE MENTORS’. Have you ever heard such Toyah WOKE twaddle. Where’s Billy when you need him?”

The third was: “‘Life mentor’ Kelly? I mean, she’s certainly been through a lot in her short life but maybe get a few more years in first?”

Fans shared their thoughts online
Fans shared their thoughts on the internet

Others were quick to point out that not many people attended the naming ceremony.

One person suggested that we go straight to Twitter once more. “I understand that there’s filming logistics, but come on Corrie only Leane, Nick and Kelly showed up for Alfie’s naming ceremony?”

Another shared: “Imran, Toyah, Leanne, Kelly and Abi! Is that the sum total of guests at the naming ceremony?”

Coronation Street promises an exciting week as Abi and Imran’s feud escalates, which will also have a ripple effect on other residents.

Things are set to heat up on Corrie
Corrie is heating up

John Whiston, who is the MD Continuing Drama & Head of ITV in the North, said: “The pigeons really do come home to roost for some of Corrie’s best loved characters in this fantastic week of edge of your seat drama.

“The truth is out, secrets unravel and hurts. Lives well and truly turn upside-down as Imran goes to great lengths to keep Abi’s baby Alfie safe.

“Whether your sympathies are with Abi, with Toyah or with Imran, this is not a week to be missed.”

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