Corrie’s tragic real-life health battles – cancer, miscarriage and sudden death


Coronation Street cast members might be well-known for their dramatic portrayals of heartbreaking storylines, but their personal lives can sometimes be just as dramatic.

Apart from Weatherfield and Manchester’s cobbled streets, the cast leads normal lives. They share their struggles with friends on social media, and they raise awareness through television interviews.

The struggles of their characters may be more frequently discussed, but the stars hope to inspire viewers by sharing their own personal health stories.

Silver Screen Beat has gone into the archives and shared some of the most devastating truths that cast members have experienced over the past few years.

Gray O’Brien

Gray O'Brien battled tonsil cancer away from Coronation Street after being killed off by the soap
Gray O’Brien was diagnosed with tonsil cancer after he was killed by Coronation Street.

Gray O’Brien, a Scottish actor, shared the devastating news with his followers on Twitter in November 2019.

This was the last day that Tony Gordon, the star who played the role of Tony Gordon between 2007-2010, made an appearance on the program.

Gray kept his diagnosis secret from his fans and celebrity friends before revealing it after receiving intensive treatment for tonsillitis.

Gray agreed with his diagnosis. “About 3 months ago a trip to the doctors with swollen glands led to stage four tonsil cancer.

“Today marks the end of my treatment & I couldn’t be more thankful to everyone who has supported me along the way.”

Gray is now a shining example of health, and he regularly updates his followers on his numerous treks up mountain peaks.

Anne Kirkbride

Anne Kirkbride died in 2015 after a battle with cancer
Anne Kirkbride, after a long battle with cancer, died in 2015.

Kirkbride was 39 years old when she discovered a lump on her neck during her mother’s funeral. The lump turned out to be non-Hodgkins lymphoma, which is a form cancer.

Anne took some important time off Coronation Street to care for her health, before returning after getting the all-clear.

After her treatment was over, she admitted that she was suffering with depression. “worse than the cancer”.

Anne succumbed to breast cancer several years later.

After her brain cancer metastasised, the fan favorite died in Manchester at age 60.

After suffering from a stroke, she was rushed to the hospital. Her family was told that she had only 24 hours to live.

Kieran Roberts is executive producer “There are no words to describe the sense of grief we feel at Anne’s passing. We know only too acutely how much Anne meant to the millions of people who watched her create the legendary character of Deirdre Barlow.”

Maggie Jones

Maggie tragically died in 2009 while recovering from surgery
Maggie, who was still recovering from surgery, tragically lost her life in 2009.

Famous for her refusal to take prisoners and her ability to tell people the truth, Maggie’s character Blanche Hunt was a favorite amongst fans.

Blanche was last seen on the cobbles two months prior to her tragic death. She shared some of her drunken personal truths.

The actress was written out of the soap after undergoing a major operation in Oct 2009. Her reason for leaving the soap was not revealed.

A spokesperson for Maggie stated that Maggie had been diagnosed with cancer on December 2. “passed away peacefully”.

According to the spokesperson, “Maggie had been making a slow recovery but her condition deteriorated early Wednesday morning and she passed away peacefully in her sleep.”

Rob Mallard

Rob Mallard previously revealed he felt he couldn't share his health struggles believing it would impact his work opportunities
Rob Mallard stated that he was afraid to share his struggles with his health because it could impact his job opportunities.

Rob Mallard, who plays Daniel Osbourne on this program, has previously talked about his struggles with essential Tremors.

The 29-year old first revealed his condition to This Morning. He said he tried to keep it secret because it could impact his chances of getting cast for work.

Rob shared his thoughts with Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby: “My solution has been to hide and manage.

“The job I have can make it difficult for me to be cast.” after people noticed his head shaking in an interview.

Last month, Rob sang the praises after a “game-changing” and “At the Walton Centre, a new treatment for tremors was revealed. It targets specific areas in the brain.

Jane Danson

Jane Danson suffered a miscarriage in 2018
Jane Danson had a miscarriage during 2018

Jane Danson, an actress, revealed in 2018 that she was the victim of a tragic miscarriage.

Robert Beck, the star’s husband, tragically lost their baby in the first trimester. Jane bravely shared her story during a Channel 5 documentary.

She cried and said: “At our 12 week scan, I remember lying down and the consultant said, ‘I won’t turn the screen around’, then the room went really quiet and I just knew that something wasn’t right.

“My heart dropped because I knew it was wrong and that the baby had passed away. Then they confirmed this.”

Jane told OK! Magazine: “It was heartbreaking and it took us a long time to get over it – I don’t think you ever do.

“There will always be that sadness there and there’ll always be that desire, but we’re getting older now and the boys are growing up, sometimes you just have to appreciate what you have.”

Kate Ford

Kate Ford received praise for sharing her struggles with endometriosis
Kate Ford was honored for sharing her struggles with endometriosis.

Tracy Barlow, Weatherfield’s resident evil-doer, has terrorized the neighborhood over the years. But Kate revealed earlier this month that her body was also in pain.

In a selfie, the 45 year-old posted a picture of herself in a large ITV studios coat while she was taking a break from filming on the soap.

Kate said: “Filming #itvcorrie this was a few weeks ago at a time that I was struggling with my #endometriosis, luckily got lots of support x.

“All those who are struggling with similar issues, I just wanted to send a hug.”

Her post was flooded with messages of support from pals and co-stars.

Endometriosis is a condition where tissue that is similar to the lining of the uterus begins to grow in places such as the ovaries and fallopian tubes.

Jack James Ryan

Jack James Ryan was just 19 when he was diagnosed with testicular cancer
Jack James Ryan was 19 years old when he was first diagnosed with testicular carcinoma.

Actor Jack was 19 years old when he was diagnosed by testicular cancer. He had discovered a lump.

Lorraine, ITV’s 24-year-old host, said that he had no idea that men could be diagnosed early with cancer.

He stated: “I went in to have one of my testicles removed and I had a replacement put in there and then had a little bit of chemo afterwards – but because I caught it so early on, I was super lucky with the treatments.”

He then continued, discussing any symptoms. “To be honest I didn’t have any symptoms and then I found the lump and thought this is serious.

“Testicular cancer is a stigmatized disease. I found it nerve-wracking to make the first trip to the hospital. However, it was also embarrassing. The treatment was great because I got it done so quickly.”

Jack underwent treatment after his diagnosis in 2017 and had an operation to remove a testicle which was replaced by a prosthetic.

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