Could Meghan Markle’s title prevent her from running for president?


Meghan MarkleShe is the latest celebrity to run for office. But could her royal title prevent her from running? Is there an obscure rule that could prevent her from running? Let’s break it down.

Is This Amendment a Disqualification for Her?

Is it possible that the 211-year old constitutional amendment could have prevented the duchess of being able to run for president? This amendment was created in 1810 to prohibit anyone receiving a gift. “a title of nobility bestowed from a foreign power”Experts recommend not holding office.

This was initially proposed to stop French leader Napoleon’s nephew from seeking political power. Napoleon’s brother married American socialite Elizabeth Patterson, and many speculated that their son would run for office. 

It’s a centuries-old amendment that was technically never ratified, but amendments never expire and some are wondering if it will be revived if the duchess announces a 2024 presidential run.  Markle has not yet officially declared her intention to run for office. But, Biographer Tom Bower claimed previouslyThe prospect of a presidential election was a possibility “possible and I’d even say likely.”

Markle’s Political Efforts

Markle’s recent political activities are only adding fuel to this fire. In an attempt to get a $1.75 billion infrastructure plan approved, the duchess called senators and made her case for paid parental leave. In an open letter, she also addressed Nancy Pelosi, House Speaker, and Chuck Schumer, pleading for the plan to be implemented. ‘national right’.

“Britain has a very strong tradition of keeping royals out of politics and so this is perhaps more intrusive than anything a royal would dare to do in Britain,”Bower stated. “Meeting with senators to lobby for a bill – this is her injecting herself into US politics.”

Some have accused the duchess, who is using her title in an unprofessional manner, of being a liar. Some of the politicians she’s contacted have said that she introduced herself as the Duchess of Sussex, which many see as a political tactic that might lend credence to the idea that she’s running for president. Others claim she is entitled to the title duchess of Sussex, as it is her legal name. She changed it in 2018 when she married Prince Harry. 

Can she legally run?

Experts in constitutional law say there is no reason she cannot run for the presidency as her title, even though there isn’t precedent. It would retain 12 votes that it received in 1810 but it would require 26 states to ratify the amendment before it could become law. 

Although Markle has not yet made any official statements about whether she is interested in a political run, many people hope to see her name on the ballot sometime in the future. We’ll all just have to wait and see what her plans are.