Could the Animated 3D Print of Leah Croucher, 19-Year-Old Missing Lead to Solutions in 2019 Cold Case


Authorities and families are now using three-dimensional posters to find missing persons.

These 3D images were created to make faces more memorable. 

One example of such a poster is the one featuring Leah Croucher (age 19 when she disappeared in 2019 from Milton Keynes in England). 

“We’re scanning faces just in case it’s Leah, constantly looking just for any clue,”Her parents spoke to the BBC. “I look at people and just think, are you the person who took Leah?”

Leah’s face is part of a new campaign in England. The teen blinks and moves in the video. 

The hope is that these more detailed images may help trigger someone’s memory and make those who are missing seem more “real.”

“This technology now that enables us to make those images much more clear, higher resolution; they can even be made to move so they give that sense of a real human being behind the story,”Steve Martin is a behavioral scientist. 

These new, simpler, cleaner images are a break from traditional missing posters that some say bombard the viewer with too much information.

There are also a few other changes. “Missing”has been replaced by the words “Help Find.” It’s a call to action.

To make sharing easier on social media, the posters come with QR codes. 

It’s one more thing the families of missing persons, such as Leah, hope will help to bring their loved ones home.