Counselor explains why Gen X doesn’t want to care for their elderly parents


TikTok is more than just a place for funny videos and dancing challenges. The app’s videos cover everything from fashion to politics to psychiatry. A new video from TikTok’s “Cursing Counselor” is giving users an answer to why many Gen Xers don’t want to take on the responsibility of caring for their aging parents. 

‘Cursing Counselor’Discuss ‘Basically Feral’ Gen X Kids

Janet, also known by The Cursing counselor, posts videos about topics like emotional neglect and forgiveness. When discussing these topics, she often considers the Gen X experience. Janet recently covered the topic of Gen X adults caring for their aging parents in one of her videos. 

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“I’m Gen X,”She began. “In my generation, we were basically feral. We sort of raised ourselves. Our parents were very busy doing their own things—lots of working parents, especially newly working parents—and so, we were latchkey kids.”

She said that while “problematic,”Working parents abandoning their children was “unavoidable.”Janet said that Janet was right. “emotional neglect”Gen Xers stayed true to their beliefs. 

Counselor: ‘We Were Not Taken Care Of, But Now We Are Expected To Take Care Of’

“We came home from school, we made our own dinners a lot of times, nobody really checked our homework or helped us with school or anything like that, because again, they were really busy,” Janet explained. “We didn’t have a lot of people to talk to, or our emotions were not seen as important.”

These issues of emotional neglect are resurfacing now that Gen Xers face the reality of their aging parents. “Now our parents are older and they need us,”She said. “And many of us are struggling because we were not taken care of, but now we are expected to take care of, and that’s creating a lot of issues.” 

Viewer Reactions ‘Yes My Parents Need Me—I Don’t Want To Help Them’

The Cursing Counselor’s words clearly resonated with many of her viewers. “Yes!”One person made a comment. “It’s all emotional, yes my parents need me—I don’t want to help them. I keep telling myself I’m not guilty for not helping. Don’t come for me.”Another writer wrote: “This is my life right now! My mom was never really a mom (raised by grandma) but now mom has to live with me. I have so much rage for her I can’t cope!” 

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Though this hasn’t been a universal experience for Gen Xers, The Cursing Counselor’s Gen X-specific videos are connecting with viewers. This clip seems to have been viewed by many who are glad to hear others feel the exact same way about caring for elderly parents. 

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