Country Gossip Claims Reba McKenzie Supposedly Restarted Dolly Parton Feud


Are You Reba McEntire Dolly Parton at one another’s throats? One report says the country music legends can’t stand each other, and McEntire is throwing gas on the fire. The two sure seem like close friends, so we’re rather suspicious. Here’s the situation.

‘Ruthless Reba Partin’ Ways With Dolly!’

The National EnquirerMcEntire claims she’s tired of being friends and family with Parton. She wants to end her friendship and refocus her career. A source spills, “Reba’s always trying to one-up Folly in everything she does.”The former Reba star supposedly wants to make a big Hollywood comeback because she feels she’s second fiddle to Parton.

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“She’s not bitter or bitchy about it,”According to a source. “But there’s a ruthless and kind of restless streak there, for sure, and a part of Reba would love to get one over on her old pal!”McEntire has recently announced plans for a RebaParton may not like the attitude of reboot 

They also fought over a tribute for Kenny Rogers. According to a source, “Each thought they meant more to Kenny than the other, and it sparked a little rift and caused awkwardness for everyone around them!”

Reba McEntire Is Full Of Venom

This story would be considered desperate if it were not true. The Get in touch yearns for drama, so it’s spawning some from thin air. It’s true that McEntire wants to bring Reba back, but Parton has absolutely nothing to do with it—lest we forget that Parton actually had a guest spot on Reba2005

Interview with Bobby Bones Show, McEntire shared her dreams of a reboot: “We’ve really been trying hard to do a reboot of the Reba show…I really want to work with the people that I got to work with during that six and a half years.”She spoke out about the great cast and crew: “We wanted to get back together like a reunion and have fun, so hopefully that will happen one day.”

Is that even remotely a slam on Parton?! No! McEntire misses her castmates and loves them dearly. McEntire and Parton are, by all accounts, closer than ever. They were longtime friends and released their first proper duetSo all was well last year. Both were able to work together to pay Rogers’ tribute, and there’s not a shred of evidence that they fought during or after the show. This is all a load of hogwash making McEntire out to be jealous when she’s a legend in her own right.

Too Many Tall Tales

This is the same tabloid that reported Dolly Parton was desperate to save Miley Cyrus’s life. Cyrus is doing well, so this is absurd. The Get in touch also promoted Parton’s $1 million birthday bash, but that never happened. It has no insight into Parton’s life.

You might be wondering what about Reba McEntire. It claimed that McEntire was losing all her marbles, and that she would end up with Rex Linn last year. They’re still together, and her health is a-okay. This is another untrustworthy article from an untrustworthy tabloid.

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