Country Music Star Luke Bryan Changes Mom’s Flat Tire Side-by-Side in Tennessee


A total stranger helped a Tennessee mom who had a flat tire. But it wasn’t just any stranger, it was country music superstar Luke Bryan.   

Courtney Potts’ tire blew out on a dangerous curve outside Nashville and she was stranded on the road with her two kids when Bryan came over to help.

“The second he hopped out, he said, ‘I almost hit you, we have to get you out of the road,’”Potts said Inside Edition. “He didn’t introduce himself, but I paused for a minute and I was like, ‘Are you Luke Bryan?’ And he was like, ‘Yes, but we really gotta get you out of this road, and then I’ll get you fixed up ready to go.’”

The “American Idol”Potts was spotted by Judge while he was hunting with his sons. 

“Should of got my two youngins out here and taught them,”Bryan said this as he changed the tire.

“He is so genuine. He was so caring and so worried about our safety over everything,”Potts claimed.

Bryan was quick to fix the flat and was happy to pose in a photo.

“Hey Luke Bryan, thanks again for stopping for me and my kids. We’re so grateful,”Potts claimed.

Bryan offered Potts some advice before he left: Get new tires!