Couple Found Living in Woman’s Home When She Was Out of Town


A woman in Los Angeles came home from vacation to find two squatters who allegedly took over her home while she was gone, wearing her clothes, using her bed and her shower, according to CBS Los Angeles.

The couple allegedly broke into the apartment through a window when Virginia Pinto and her roommates were all out of town, Pinto told CBS Los Angeles.

“All my clothes down to the underwear, the socks, my Yezzys, my pants” were used, Pinto told the outlet.

When Pinto called police, the man fled but the woman hid in the bedroom closet for over an hour, CBS Los Angeles wrote. The first thing the woman allegedly told police was “this is my home,” Pinto told the outlet.

Pinto told CBS Los Angeles she believes the couple were in the home for at least 24 hours because “the beds were undone, they took showers, they washed clothes. They had a lot of time.” Footage from inside of Pinto’s room obtained by CBS Los Angeles showed a lighter and pipe in her unmade bed.

Pinto said around $2,000, purses and clothes were stolen and since the incident she does not feel safe, according to CBS Los Angeles. “Now I wake up anytime I hear something. … It’s very scary.”

Los Angeles Police Department has not yet responded to Inside Edition Digital’s request for additional information on the incident. 

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