Couple renew their wedding vows after spending nearly £80,000 on getting divorced


After the birth of their second and third children, Brittany and Wyland Szabo began drinking again, to the detriment of their marriage

A couple who had filed for divorce in 2019 have taken the unexpected step of renewing their wedding vows to give the relationship another shot.

Brittany and Wyland Szabo, both 32, met as teenagers while they were both living in a sober house to recover from alcoholism.

They got married in 2011, eventually starting a family with three kids.

But after the birth of their second and third children, twins, the couple, from San Diego in the US, who had been sober for some time, began drinking again and it wrecked havoc on their relationship.

Brittany said: “We started drinking again, thinking we took a few years off and we could drink again like normal people do.

“And it was OK for a while and then eventually, you know, things started to get bad and worse and then we ended up separating and filing for divorce in 2019.

“It wasn’t just all because of alcohol. There were a lot of other very toxic behaviours.

“We were very codependent on each other and it was just not a good situation.”

The couple spent $100,000 (close to £80,000) throughout the divorce process, going into debt that they are still working to clear.

Challenges persisted after the divorce began, with Brittany continuing to drink and struggling with her mental health.

At one point, she spent a night in jail, while another rough patch saw her lose custody of the children.

However, after temporarily moving in with her parents, Brittany began taking drug tests and seeing a psychiatrist and became sober once again.

She and Wyland have since begun spending more time together and have decided to give their relationship another try.

“We both apologised to each other, finally and wholeheartedly,” said Brittany.

“We actually understood how we hurt each other and that was huge for us.”

Brittany is now a successful influencer and TikToker, who shares her sobriety journey on social media and speaks about family and marriage.

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