Courteney Cox’s 1985 Tampax Commercial Remade With a Funny Twist


Courteney CoxA recent Instagram reel shows her telling us straight. The video is a spoof of her 1985 Tampon commercial. It features the actress having a good time as she discusses menopause.

‘My Commercial Needed An Update’

On September 18, Cox delighted fans and celebrities alike with a hilarious and extremely relatable video about menopause. The actress shares her experiences with menopause in the post. “commercial needed an update,”This is a commercial for tampon she had filmed before she became a star. The commercial’s updated version is very similar to the original. From a play on the dialogue to her facial expressions and epic 80’s outfit—a blue t-shirt worn over a leotard with purple tights and knee high leg warmers—Cox more than delivers.

The original commercial features Cox, then 21 years old, asking questions. “Does your life change once a month because of your period?”Cox, 58 years old, retorts “Did your life completely change because of menopause?”The video then switches between the original dialogue and the new edited version.

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Each flip of the screen sees her mimicking the tampon advertisement. She responds in the original. “still using pads?”With “still getting hot flashes?”She shares her experience with tampons “can change the way you feel about your period,”Cox responds sarcastically to that “menopause can change the way you feel about getting older.”The truth is what she tells us as she continues to update the video. “Menopause will eat you alive. It’s horrible. Nothing else can do that.”

‘Nothing Good About Menopause’ Except Cox’s Video

The celebrity’s video update became a viral sensation. The video was instantly shared by fans all over the globe. Even Cox’s well-known fans jumped into the comments. Drew Barrymore shares Cox with him, “You know it’s one of my favs.” Vicky Pattison, an actress best known for appearing on MTV’s Geordie ShoreThis is how it looks. “I didn’t think I could love you any more… then you did this.” Brandi Carlile sums up what we’re all thinking with her comment, “Ok, you won the internet today Courteney.”

Cox does end her video by reminding viewers that “there is nothing good about menopause,” we disagree. If it weren’t for menopause, we wouldn’t have this incredibly relatable video from Cox. This video could change how we view getting older. Now that’s something.

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