Courteney Cx Has a Jeopardizing Relationship with Johnny McDaid by Being ‘Control Freak?


Is it? Courteney CoxBefore her wedding, turn into a bridezilla Johnny McDaid? According to one outlet, it was the former FriendsStar is “driving everyone crazy”Even her soon-to be husband is affected by her anxiety. Gossip CopInvestigates the story to determine if Cox is in fact jeopardizing her marriage. 

‘Crazed’Courteney cox is stressed about her wedding?

Per the National Enquirer, Courteney Cox “has gone full-on bridezilla” and is obsessively planning her wedding. Evidently, the Cougar TownStar “is being a royal pain by impulsively making changes.” With only a few months before the wedding ceremony, all the stress is putting a strain on Cox and McDaid’s relationship. “Courteney’s gripped with anxiety and driving everyone crazy,”An insider close to the pair says.

An insider says that Cox is “changing her mind”It seems like almost every day is about the smallest details. “Courteney is such a control freak, and she can’t let go,”Source dishes Apparently, McDaid is noticing the not-so-favorable parts of Cox’s personality, which could jeopardize the wedding. “Johnny’s seeing what married life with a type-A person could look like — and it’s not comforting!”The insider concludes. 

Is Courteney Cox And Johnny McDaid’s Wedding It’s true In Jeopardy? 

The result? National Enquirer correct with its claim that Cox and McDaid may not even make it to the wedding ceremony? At Gossip Cop, we’re simply not buying it. Not only does the tabloid have a terrible track record when it comes to reporting on the couple’s relationship status, but there’s also no evidence. Cox has one problem. Clarified the status of their relationship. In an appearance EllenCox, “He’s not my fiancé. We were engaged to be married, but now we’re just together. We broke off our engagement, and he moved to England, then we got back together, and it’s actually better than it was before.” There’s no wedding to obsess over in the first place.

A month ago, Cox shared a couple of photos on Instagram commemorating the couple’s eight-year anniversary. Cox posted a photo of McDaid and her when they first began their relationship. She also shared a current photo. “8 years later…I asked him to come up with a caption and he fell asleep. Still got it. Happy Anniversary xoxo,”Cox captioned that photo. Do you think that this couple is on the brink of breaking up? We certainly don’t think so. 

The False Rumors about Courteney Cox and Johnny McDaid 

It was clear from the beginning that the National Enquirer has been concocting rumors about Cox and McDaid and the strength of their relationship. For example, the outlet claimed the couple’s long-distance relationship during quarantine caused a lot of tension. McDaid apparently agreed. “kept pushing his visits back” because he’d rather stay in London than visit Cox. This story was obviously fabricated. Gossip CopThis was confirmed by receiving reports from a more trusted source. McDaid and Cox are happy, in spite of what the InquireThese are claims.

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