Courtney Clenney, Instagram Model, Charged with Murder Months after Allegally Stabbing Boyfriend to death


Prosecutors announced Thursday that a popular Instagram model was charged with second-degree murder for the death of her boyfriend.

Courtney Clenney (26) allegedly murdered Christian Obumseli at their Miami apartment in April. 

Clenney claims Obumseli attacked her and she attacked her. However, prosecutors claim that video footage of them fighting in an elevator clearly shows Clenney as the aggressor.

Katherine Fernandez Rundle was the prosecution’s spokesman, and she played the elevator footage, which was shot two months before Obumseli died. She also announced the charges against Clenney at an announcement conference. 

The couple was married “a violent and toxic two-year relationship,”Fernandez Rundle explained that because of the fierce arguments, the building management planned to evict them.

“The video, we felt, was just a very descriptive way to show what the relationship was, and who was the aggressor,” Fernandez Rundle said.

Clenney called 911 the day Obumseli was murdered.

“On that 911 call, Christian can be heard in the background repeatedly saying that he was dying. Clenney was also heard saying, ‘I’m so sorry, baby,’” Fernandez Rundle said. 

Clenney, according to the prosecution, claimed she threw her knife at her boyfriend 10 feet away. But, forensic evidence seems to support this claim.

Clenney was taken into custody in Hawaii. Her lawyer claims she was being treated for substance abuse and posttraumatic stress disorder. At a Thursday hearing, Clenney looked tearful in a black tank and was wearing a white top.

Clenney will not resist extradition. 

Frank Prieto is her lawyer. He says that there is. “clear evidence of self-defense,”Obumseli is claimed to be “attacked her and choked her that evening”And that Clenney “had no choice but to meet force with force.”

Prieto is also known as the elevator video “irrelevant,” because it doesn’t show what happened on the night of the stabbing and said it will likely be inadmissible at the trial.